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[movies]Tristram Stuart: The global food waste scandal - TED.com
Western countries throw out nearly half of their food, not because it’s inedible -- but because it doesn’t look appealing. Tristram Stuart delves into the shocking data of wasted food, calling for a more responsible use of global resources.
Keywords: TEDTalks; TED; Talks; environment; food; TEDSalon London Spring 2012; 2012
Downloads: 461
[movies]Mohamed Hijri: A simple solution to the coming phosphorus crisis - TED.com
Biologist Mohamed Hijri brings to light a farming crisis no one is talking about: We are running out of phosphorus, an essential element that's a key component of DNA and the basis of cellular communication. All roads of this crisis lead back to how we farm -- with chemical fertilizers chock-full of the element, which plants are not efficient at absorbing. One solution? Perhaps … a microscopic mushroom...
Keywords: TEDTalks; TED; Talks; agriculture; biology; food; TEDxUdeM; 2013
Downloads: 57
[movies]Britta Riley: A garden in my apartment - TED.com
Britta Riley wanted to grow her own food (in her tiny apartment). So she and her friends developed a system for growing plants in discarded plastic bottles -- researching, testing and tweaking the system using social media, trying many variations at once and quickly arriving at the optimal system. Call it distributed DIY. And the results? Delicious.
Keywords: TEDTalks; TEDxManhattan; TED; Talks; collaboration; design; food; 2011
Downloads: 362
[movies]Mark Bittman on what's wrong with what we eat - TED.com
In this fiery and funny talk, New York Times food writer Mark Bittman weighs in on what's wrong with the way we eat now (too much meat, too few plants; too much fast food, too little home cooking), and why it's putting the entire planet at risk.
Keywords: TEDTalks; EG 2007; TED; Talks; environment; food; green; sustainability; 2007
Downloads: 112
[movies]Sex needs a new metaphor. Heres one... - TED.com
For some reason, says educator Al Vernacchio, the metaphors for talking about sex in the US all come from baseball -- scoring, getting to first base, etc. The problem is, this frames sex as a competition, with a winner and a loser. Instead, he suggests a new metaphor, one that's more about shared pleasure, discussion and agreement, fulfillment and enjoyment. Let's talk about … pizza.
Keywords: TEDTalks; TED; Talks; culture; food; sex; TED2012; 2012
Downloads: 286
[movies]Heribert Watzke: The brain in your gut - TED.com
Did you know you have functioning neurons in your intestines -- about a hundred million of them? Food scientist Heribert Watzke tells us about the "hidden brain" in our gut and the surprising things it makes us feel.
Keywords: TEDTalks; TED; Talks; biology; food; science; technology; TEDGlobal 2010; 2010
Downloads: 120
[movies]Marla Spivak: Why bees are disappearing - TED.com
Honeybees have thrived for 50 million years, each colony 40 to 50,000 individuals coordinated in amazing harmony. So why, seven years ago, did colonies start dying en masse? Marla Spivak reveals four reasons which are interacting with tragic consequences. This is not simply a problem because bees pollinate a third of the world’s crops. Could this incredible species be holding up a mirror for
Keywords: TEDTalks; TED; Talks; bee; food; insects; TEDGlobal 2013; 2013
Downloads: 172
[movies]Fahad Al-Attiya: A country with no water - TED.com
Imagine a country with abundant power -- oil and gas, sunshine, wind (and money) -- but missing one key essential for life: water. Infrastructure engineer Fahad Al-Attiya talks about the unexpected ways that the small Middle Eastern nation of Qatar creates its water supply.
Keywords: TEDTalks; TED; Talks; agriculture; cities; food; technology; water; TEDxSummit; 2012
Downloads: 194
[movies]Josette Sheeran: Ending hunger now - TED.com
Josette Sheeran, the head of the UN's World Food Program, talks about why, in a world with enough food for everyone, people still go hungry, still die of starvation, still use food as a weapon of war. Her vision: "Food is one issue that cannot be solved person by person. We have to stand together."
Keywords: TEDTalks; TEDGlobal 2011; TED; Talks; culture; economics; food; global issues; peace; politics; war; 2011
Downloads: 64
[movies]Ann Cooper talks school lunches - TED.com
Speaking at the 2007 EG conference, "renegade lunch lady" Ann Cooper talks about the coming revolution in the way kids eat at school -- local, sustainable, seasonal and even educational food.
Keywords: TEDTalks; EG 2007; TED; Talks; children; economics; education; food; global issues; green; 2007
Downloads: 61
[movies]Ellen Gustafson: Obesity + Hunger = 1 global food issue - TED.com
Co-creator of the philanthropic FEED bags, Ellen Gustafson says hunger and obesity are two sides of the same coin. At TEDxEast, she launches The 30 Project -- a way to change how we farm and eat in the next 30 years, and solve the global food inequalities behind both epidemics.
Keywords: TEDTalks; TED; Talks; food; global issues; health; social change; TEDxEast; 2010
Downloads: 79
[movies]Barton Seaver: Sustainable seafood? Let's get smart - TED.com
Chef Barton Seaver presents a modern dilemma: Seafood is one of our healthier protein options, but overfishing is desperately harming our oceans. He suggests a simple way to keep fish on the dinner table that includes every mom's favorite adage -- "Eat your vegetables!"
Keywords: TEDTalks; Mission Blue Voyage; TED; Talks; environment; fish; food; oceans; sustainability; 2010
Downloads: 71
[movies]Homaro Cantu + Ben Roche: Cooking as alchemy - TED.com
Homaro Cantu and Ben Roche come from Moto, a Chicago restaurant that plays with new ways to cook and eat food. But beyond the fun and flavor-tripping, there's a serious intent: Can we use new food technology for good?
Keywords: TEDTalks; TED; Talks; agriculture; business; creativity; culture; food; TED2011; 2011
Downloads: 139
[movies]Marcel Dicke: Why not eat insects? - TED.com
Marcel Dicke makes an appetizing case for adding insects to everyone's diet. His message to squeamish chefs and foodies: delicacies like locusts and caterpillars compete with meat in flavor, nutrition and eco-friendliness.
Keywords: TEDTalks; TED; Talks; agriculture; environment; food; health; insects; TEDGlobal 2010; 2010
Downloads: 106
[movies]Dennis vanEngelsdorp: a plea for bees - TED.com
Bees are dying in droves. Why? Leading apiarist Dennis vanEngelsdorp looks at the gentle, misunderstood creature's important place in nature and the mystery behind its alarming disappearance.
Keywords: TEDTalks; Taste3 2008; TED; Talks; animals; disease; food; insects; life; nature; 2008
Downloads: 85
[movies]Arthur Potts Dawson: A vision for sustainable restaurants - TED.com
If you've been in a restaurant kitchen, you've seen how much food, water and energy can be wasted there. Chef Arthur Potts-Dawson shares his very personal vision for drastically reducing restaurant, and supermarket, waste -- creating recycling, composting, sustainable engines for good (and good food).
Keywords: TEDTalks; TED; Talks; business; culture; entertainment; food; global issues; sustainability; TEDGlobal 2010; 2010
Downloads: 83
[movies]Nathan Myhrvold: Cooking as never seen before - TED.com
Cookbook author (and geek) Nathan Myhrvold talks about his magisterial work, "Modernist Cuisine" -- and shares the secret of its cool photographic illustrations, which show cross-sections of food in the very act of being cooked.
Keywords: TEDTalks; TED2011; TED; Talks; arts; creativity; design; entertainment; food; photography; technology; 2011
Downloads: 221
[movies]Louise Fresco on feeding the whole world - TED.com
Louise Fresco shows us why we should celebrate mass-produced, supermarket-style white bread. She says environmentally sound mass production will feed the world, yet leave a role for small bakeries and traditional methods.
Keywords: TEDTalks; TED2009; TED; Talks; business; development; food; global issues; industrial design; 2009
Downloads: 260
[movies]Malcolm Gladwell on spaghetti sauce - TED.com
Tipping Point author Malcolm Gladwell gets inside the food industry's pursuit of the perfect spaghetti sauce -- and makes a larger argument about the nature of choice and happiness.
Keywords: TEDTalks; TED2004; TED; Talks; business; choice; culture; economics; food; marketing; media; shopping; storytelling; 2004
Downloads: 199
[movies]Christien Meindertsma: How pig parts make the world turn - TED.com
Christien Meindertsma, author of "Pig 05049" looks at the astonishing afterlife of the ordinary pig, parts of which make their way into at least 185 non-pork products, from bullets to artificial hearts.
Keywords: TEDTalks; TEDGlobal 2010; TED; Talks; book; business; consumerism; design; engineering; food; medicine; product design; 2010
Downloads: 339
[movies]Eleni Gabre-Madhin on Ethiopian economics - TED.com
Economist Eleni Gabre-Madhin outlines her ambitious vision to found the first commodities market in Ethiopia. Her plan would create wealth, minimize risk for farmers and turn the world's largest recipient of food aid into a regional food basket.
Keywords: TEDTalks; TEDGlobal 2007; TED; Talks; Africa; business; economics; food; global issues; technology; 2007
Downloads: 63
[movies]Dan Barber: How I fell in love with a fish - TED.com
Chef Dan Barber squares off with a dilemma facing many chefs today: how to keep fish on the menu. With impeccable research and deadpan humor, he chronicles his pursuit of a sustainable fish he could love, and the foodie's honeymoon he's enjoyed since discovering an outrageously delicious fish raised using a revolutionary farming method in Spain.
Keywords: TEDTalks; TED; Talks; agriculture; biology; environment; food; health; TED2010; 2010
Downloads: 54
[movies]Benjamin Wallace on the price of happiness - TED.com
Can happiness be bought? To find out, author Benjamin Wallace sampled the world's most expensive products, including a bottle of 1947 Chateau Cheval Blanc, 8 ounces of Kobe beef and the fabled (notorious) Kopi Luwak coffee. His critique may surprise you.
Keywords: TEDTalks; Taste3 2008; TED; Talks; book; business; culture; entertainment; food; happiness; writing; 2008
Downloads: 88
[movies]Graham Hill: Why I'm a weekday vegetarian - TED.com
We all know the arguments that being vegetarian is better for the environment and for the animals -- but in a carnivorous culture, it can be hard to make the change. Graham Hill has a powerful, pragmatic suggestion: Be a weekday veg.
Keywords: TEDTalks; TED; Talks; culture; food; global issues; green; TED2010; 2010
Downloads: 59
[movies]Michael Pollan gives a plant's-eye view - TED.com
What if human consciousness isn't the end-all and be-all of Darwinism? What if we are all just pawns in corn's clever strategy game to rule the Earth? Author Michael Pollan asks us to see the world from a plant's-eye view.
Keywords: TEDTalks; TED2007; TED; Talks; animals; business; cooperation; culture; evolution; food; global issues; science; 2007
Downloads: 309
[movies]Barry Schuler: Genomics 101 - TED.com
What is genomics? How will it affect our lives? In this intriguing primer on the genomics revolution, entrepreneur Barry Schuler says we can at least expect healthier, tastier food. He suggests we start with the pinot noir grape, to build better wines.
Keywords: TEDTalks; Taste3 2008; TED; Talks; biology; entrepreneur; food; genetics; science; technology; 2008
Downloads: 129
[movies]Adam Grosser and his sustainable fridge - TED.com
Adam Grosser talks about a project to build a refrigerator that works without electricity -- to bring the vital tool to villages and clinics worldwide. Tweaking some old technology, he's come up with a system that works.
Keywords: TEDTalks; TED2007; TED; Talks; design; food; global issues; invention; medicine; short talk; technology; 2007
Downloads: 163
[movies]Birke Baehr: What's wrong with our food system - TED.com
11-year-old Birke Baehr presents his take on a major source of our food -- far-away and less-than-picturesque industrial farms. Keeping farms out of sight promotes a rosy, unreal picture of big-box agriculture, he argues, as he outlines the case to green and localize food production.
Keywords: TEDTalks; TEDxNextGenerationAsheville; TED; Talks; agriculture; business; environment; food; green; health; sustainability; 2010
Downloads: 325
[movies]Ron Finley: A guerilla gardener in South Central LA - TED.com
Ron Finley plants vegetable gardens in South Central LA -- in abandoned lots, traffic medians, along the curbs. Why? For fun, for defiance, for beauty and to offer some alternative to fast food in a community where "the drive-thrus are killing more people than the drive-bys."
Keywords: TEDTalks; TED; Talks; agriculture; culture; food; health; social change; TED2013; 2013
Downloads: 248
[movies]Dan Barber's foie gras parable - TED.com
At the Taste3 conference, chef Dan Barber tells the story of a small farm in Spain that has found a humane way to produce foie gras. Raising his geese in a natural environment, farmer Eduardo Sousa embodies the kind of food production Barber believes in.
Keywords: TEDTalks; Taste3 2008; TED; Talks; entertainment; food; global issues; sustainability; 2008
Downloads: 65
[movies]Paul Stamets on 6 ways mushrooms can save the world - TED.com
Mycologist Paul Stamets lists 6 ways the mycelium fungus can help save the universe: cleaning polluted soil, making insecticides, treating smallpox and even flu ... Read more.
Keywords: TEDTalks; TED; Talks; biology; design; food; global issues; pollution; science; technology; TED2008; 2008
Downloads: 278
[movies]Carolyn Steel: How food shapes our cities - TED.com
Every day, in a city the size of London, 30 million meals are served. But where does all the food come from? Architect Carolyn Steel discusses the daily miracle of feeding a city, and shows how ancient food routes shaped the modern world.
Keywords: TEDTalks; TEDGlobal 2009; TED; Talks; cities; culture; food; global issues; 2009
Downloads: 198
[movies]Jennifer 8. Lee hunts for General Tso - TED.com
Reporter Jennifer 8. Lee talks about her hunt for the origins of familiar Chinese-American dishes -- exploring the hidden spots where these two cultures have (so tastily) combined to form a new cuisine.
Keywords: TEDTalks; Taste3 2008; TED; Talks; business; culture; exploration; food; global issues; history; 2008
Downloads: 124
[movies]Peter Reinhart on bread - TED.com
Batch to batch, crust to crust ... In tribute to the beloved staple food, baking master Peter Reinhart reflects on the cordial couplings (wheat and yeast, starch and heat) that give us our daily bread. Try not to eat a slice.
Keywords: TEDTalks; Taste3 2008; TED; Talks; art; book; chemistry; death; food; life; love; science; 2008
Downloads: 124
[movies]William Li: Can we eat to starve cancer? - TED.com
William Li presents a new way to think about treating cancer and other diseases: anti-angiogenesis, preventing the growth of blood vessels that feed a tumor. The crucial first (and best) step: Eating cancer-fighting foods that cut off the supply lines and beat cancer at its own game.
Keywords: TEDTalks; TED; Talks; cancer; food; medicine; science; technology; TED2010; 2010
Downloads: 126
[movies]Andras Forgacs: Leather and meat without killing animals - TED.com
By 2050, it will take 100 billion land animals to provide the world's population with meat, dairy, eggs and leather goods. Maintaining this herd will take a huge, potentially unsustainable toll on the planet. What if there were a different way? In this eye-opening talk, tissue engineering advocate Andras Forgacs argues that biofabricating meat and leather is a civilized way to move past killing animals for hamburgers and handbags.
Keywords: TEDTalks; TED; Talks; food; global issues; science; sustainability; TEDGlobal 2013; 2013
Downloads: 94
[movies]Pam Warhurst: How we can eat our landscapes - TED.com
What should a community do with its unused land? Plant food, of course. With energy and humor, Pam Warhurst tells at the TEDSalon the story of how she and a growing team of volunteers came together to turn plots of unused land into communal vegetable gardens, and to change the narrative of food in their community.
Keywords: TEDTalks; TED; Talks; agriculture; botany; community; food; green; sustainability; TEDSalon London Spring 2012; 2012
Downloads: 506
[movies]Dan Buettner: How to live to be 100+ - TED.com
To find the path to long life and health, Dan Buettner and team study the world's "Blue Zones," communities whose elders live with vim and vigor to record-setting age. At TEDxTC, he shares the 9 common diet and lifestyle habits that keep them spry past age 100.
Keywords: TEDTalks; TED; Talks; biology; culture; exploration; food; health; life; science; TEDxTC; 2009
Downloads: 328
[movies]Jamie Oliver's TED Prize wish: Teach every child about food - TED.com
Sharing powerful stories from his anti-obesity project in Huntington, W. Va., TED Prize winner Jamie Oliver makes the case for an all-out assault on our ignorance of food.
Keywords: TEDTalks; TED; Talks; business; education; food; global issues; health; TED2010; 2010
Downloads: 241
[movies]Dan Dennett: Cute, sexy, sweet, funny - TED.com
Why are babies cute? Why is cake sweet? Philosopher Dan Dennett has answers you wouldn't expect, as he shares evolution's counterintuitive reasoning on cute, sweet and sexy things (plus a new theory from Matthew Hurley on why jokes are funny).
Keywords: TEDTalks; TED2009; TED; Talks; animals; biology; children; comedy; evolution; food; humanity; humor; primates; sex; 2009
Downloads: 199
[movies]Annie Murphy Paul: What we learn before we're born - TED.com
Pop quiz: When does learning begin? Answer: Before we are born. Science writer Annie Murphy Paul talks through new research that shows how much we learn in the womb -- from the lilt of our native language to our soon-to-be-favorite foods.
Keywords: TEDTalks; TEDGlobal 2011; TED; Talks; children; education; food; science; writing; 2011
Downloads: 125
[movies]Dean Ornish on the world's killer diet - TED.com
Stop wringing your hands over AIDS, cancer and the avian flu. Cardiovascular disease kills more people than everything else combined -- and it’s mostly preventable. Dr. Dean Ornish explains how changing our eating habits will save lives.
Keywords: TEDTalks; TED2006; TED; Talks; culture; disease; food; global issues; health; health care; science; short talk; 2006
Downloads: 303
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